1. STARZ 4 U

1.1 What is Starz 4 U?

Starz 4 U operates the Starz 4 U platform — through our website and app — that lets you book a personalized video shout-out — a Starz 4 U video — from your favorite Celebrities. Our mission is to create the most personalized authentic and momentous experience which you will cherish for the rest of your life. We also do Artist Management and Celebrity Management. Starz 4 U has the biggest collection of Artists and Celebrities in the industry.

1.2 How does Starz 4 U work?

It’s simple, select the Celebrity from our collection, fill in the details and type your message specifying the name of the receiver and the occasion, then click on “Place Order”. If the Celebrity accepts your request, he / she will create and send a one-of-a-kind video back to you for an incredible memory!


2.1 Do I need to open an account in order to shop with you?

Yes, by setting up an account with us, it will allow you to order without having to enter your details every time you shop with us. You can sign up right now, or you can first start shopping and create your account before you check out at the shopping cart page.

2.2 How do I /create an account?

Please click on “Login/Register” followed by ‘Create An Account’ and fill in your personal particulars.

2.3 How much does it cost for a Starz 4 U video?

The cost of a Starz 4 U video is set individually by each of the Celebrity in the Starz 4 U platform; therefore, the price will vary depending on which Celebrity you request! The price is shown on the Celebrity’s booking page when you make your request. Celebrity can change their price at any time, but you will be charged the price in effect when you book your Starz 4 U video. It is always good to know that Celebrity have the ability to change their prices at any time.

2.4 How do I buy a Starz 4 U video?

All of our Celebrities can be found on the Starz 4 U collection — just search our categories, pick your Celebrity, choose your request  and click the “Add To Cart” button! When you have finished, you can proceed to your shopping cart, fill out the request form and check out. Check and ensure that all information is correct before confirming your purchases and payment.

2.5 I have problems adding items to my shopping cart

You will be able to add the items as long as it is available. There could be an instance where the Celebrity is not available hence the status of the item is reflected as “Temporarily Unavailable”.

2.6 How do I pay for my orders?

We accept payments via all major credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, VISA, American Express, etc.

2.7 Can I amend or cancel my video request?

Unfortunately we are unable to cancel or modify your request once it has been placed. We therefore recommend you to check your request before placing it. This will allow us to process your request efficiently and to minimize errors.

2.8 I have a discount code, how can I use it?

Key in the voucher code at the field “Voucher Code” and click “Add” in your Shopping Cart page before proceeding to check out. Please note that we are unable to manually apply the voucher code to your order if you have missed keying it during check out. Kindly ensure that all information is correct before confirming your purchase.

2.9 How will I know if my video request is confirmed?

After you have placed your video request, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from us to confirm that your request has been received. However, do note that request will only be processed when your credit card payment has been approved and billing and delivery address is verified. Alternatively, you may check the status of your order in “My Account” if you are a registered user.

2.10 Am I guaranteed that the Celebrity I select will make my requested Starz 4 U video?

We make it our top priority that every customer receives their appropriately ordered Starz 4 U video. While we try to make sure that all requested Starz 4 U videos are completed, it is possible that your request could expire after fifteen days. Just a heads-up, all Celebrities have the option to accept or decline any request that comes through.

2.11 Why did my order get declined?

It may be due to one or more reasons, including but not limited to: Celebrity unavailability, inappropriate request or message, name or occasion not mentioned in the personal message request, not enough time, etc. We suggest you to re-book the order and place the request following the Starz 4 U standard order guidelines. Or you may send us an email to help@starz4u.com

2.12 How do I book an Artist for an event?

Please visit the “Artist Management” page and select your Artist then click the “Book Now” button! Please fill the event details in the Artist Booking Request form then click the “Submit” button! Once the Starz 4 U team receives your request we will check the Artist availability and send you our response by email. You can also send us an email on artistbooking@starz4u.com

2.13 How do I book a Celebrity for an event?

Please visit the “Celebrity Management” page and click the “Book Now” button! Please fill the event details in the Celebrity Booking Request form then click the “Submit” button! Once the Starz 4 U team receives your request we will check the Celebrity availability and send you our response by email. You can also send us an email on celebritybooking@starz4u.com


3.1 When will my video request be processed?

After you have placed your video request, your credit card payment has been approved. Celebrity will accept your video request and it will be processed within 15 working days.

3.2 How long will it take for me to receive my video request?

Celebrities are usually busy and hence it can take them some time before they can complete your order. All orders will be processed within 15 working days.

3.3 How can I track my delivery?

Once the order has been booked, an email confirmation will be sent to you with the tracking number. You may check and track the delivery status of your orders with our Order Tracking by entering your Order ID given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email and press the “Track” button.

3.4 How will I receive my Starz 4 U video once it’s completed?

A link will be sent to the email that you provided when you ordered your personalized Starz 4 U video.

3.5 Can I download and keep my Starz 4 U video?

Yes. If you are on a laptop or desktop, your Starz 4 U video can be downloaded via the link we emailed you, just press the download button next to the video. If you received your Starz 4 U video via the app, you can download it from the top right-hand corner.

3.6 What if I have already been charged, but haven’t received my Starz 4 U video yet?

Don’t worry, Starz 4 U video has a 15-days expiry from the booking day for the Celebrity to accept your request failing which you will be given an option to choose another Celebrity or else the request gets cancelled and your amount is fully refunded. This happens in the rarest of cases. If it’s been over fifteen days, please contact us on help@starz4u.com

3.7 What’s that “Starz 4 U” written on the video?

That’s our watermark and it will remain on all personalized video messages.


4.1 How do I join Starz 4 U?

Please visit the “Join As Celeb” page and submit your application. Once the Starz 4 U team reviews your application, you will be sent personal login details for the Starz 4 U app. And from there it’s super easy. You’ll then set your profile up on the Starz 4 U app and start receiving requests from your fans!

4.2 Is there any obligation to joining Starz 4 U?


4.3 Do you share Celebs contact details with fans?

Never! We do not share Celebs details with fans or fans details with Celebs.

4.4 How do I get featured status on Starz 4 U platform?

We promote new Celebs and trending Celebs automatically. You can also promote your page through your social media channels.